Be True to You...

Long Term Illness Programme

  • Do you feel that there has got to be more then illness?

  • Do you need a boost to help you live a more positive life?

  • Are you fed up with feeling judged by other peoples expectations?

Tell me how this programme will benefit ME!

Now is the time to say NO, STOP, ENOUGH!

You are not your illness and it is not the boss

of YOUR life!

Understanding the constraints having a long term illness can have on your world in this course you will receive:

  • 3x live zoom calls with my full support

  • 8x Modules to work through in your own time

  • Solutions to your mindset and lifestyle adaptations

  • Full EMPOWERMENT over your illness


I was feeling so low  and didn't know what to do next. With the help from Jodie and this very simple and energy saving course I was able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I am no longer pushing myself to do what others expect me to!
Zoe C

Supportive, understanding and I truly felt listened to for the 1st time in ages. Totally worth my limited energy to do!
Poppy R

Learnt so much about listening to my body and knowing I am still in control of my world. I am now more assertive with my medical care 

Jodie thankfully encourages emotional outbursts when you show up but things are just too much, so supportive!
Jenni W

Want to know a little
about the coach?

I have spent the last 22 years as a Beauty Therapist listening to peoples problems patiently and not being able to do anything other then sympathise... and a yep, uh huh, oh dear!!!

I have also lived alongside M.E for the past 18 years and understand the challenges 1st hand!

Then in lockdown 2020 I embraced the opportunity of not being able to work to become a qualified Coach, I learnt how to use my knowledge of people, listening skills and problem solving idea's to show clients how to build a more solid life foundation to build from!

My passion has always been to help people feel better, first with their bodies... now with their minds!

I look forward to meeting you when you take the

1st step to moving forward!!!