Staff Room Antics

Welcome Business Owners!

The Staff Room Antics website & Facebook community is for all small business owners in the hair, beauty & holistic industries.

I'm Jodie & I help salon owners get clarity in their business. I do this by empowering  open-minded women like you to build long lasting confident working relationships!

I have been working in the beauty industry for 20+ years and have loved every minute of my career. Within this community I link my knowledge as a Salon business owner / beauty therapist and Salon Coach to help you be the best you can be & have the business you dream of!

Daily posts * Group zoom calls * Demonstrations * Interviews * Competitions plus  loads more!!!! Not forgetting my awesome

Salon Empowerment Packages for 1:1 salon help!

By choosing to joining the Staff Room Antics Community:

Your will enhance your personal empowerment and your business in turn will flourish and grow!

It is a safe place where you can laugh, cry, rant, get support for yourself & your business, learn new information on many topics. There is no constant advertising or links to buy products or over zealous coaching telling you what you must do!

My dream is building  a strong network of amazing people supporting each other.

Investing time, money & faith in your business I believe you will SUCCEED