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Be TRUE to YOU Long-term Illness Programme - £499

If you are living with a long-term illness and would like some help with learning to live along side your illness and not letting the illness control your life then TAKE CONTROL and book on this course!

Within this course you will learn how to reset your mindset in order to take back the control you once had. Think more positively, and feel more inspired to continue building a more fulfilled life!

This is an online course designed  to be completed over 8 weeks so as not to overwhelm your levels of energy and fatigue. 

The course includes:

3x 45 Min 1:1 Zoom Coaching Sessions to cover sessions 1, 4 & 8

Online Training Videos & Course Material

Full support for length of programme

Complete the Course Modules in your own time.

Plus access to my FREE Carers Video for you to share

Believe & Achieve Programme - £1850

Are you someone who feels a little lost and would like to understand yourself better... know why you make the choices you do? The this 8 week programme is for you.

In the 1st part you will learn what makes you tick on a more conscious level, how to react to situations in a more positive manner and how thinking more positively can really impact your mental state. In the 2nd part of the programme you will work on a goal, dream or aspect of your life that would really help you transform the way you live. You will understand how to take the techniques learnt in this course into any situation of your future life so you can handle any situation with empowerment!

This Programme includes:

10x Hours of Coaching 

1:1 Personal Programme

9am - 9pm Daily Email / Messenger Contact

Coaching note book & pen

Full support for length of programme

Customised Personal & Professional Coaching Packages

For people who have a longer term goal or feel they need more support then this package is designed for you. You can customise the amount of support you receive during the length of your chosen programme. These sessions are purely structured around what it is you need!

Included in the price below you will receive:

7x Hours of Personal Development Time 

1:1 Sessions

Coaching note book & pen

Training Resources

Accountability Buddy


My foundation 7 session package starts at - £899


Need extra...

If you feel like you need more support between your session then add +Plus to your customised package. This runs the length of the original package bought.

+Plus £499​

For a package with more 1:1 sessions please contact me for a customised package price.



If you want to know more about any of the services above or you would like to know more about how I can serve you, please book a FREE coaching conversation.

Flexible payment plans are available with a 25% upfront deposit.

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